The Project

The project is aimed towards the Palestinian refugee camp community in Burj Al Shemali (Lebanon), and its goal is to raise awareness on the effects that the permanent absence of civil and social rights in everyday life for the Palestinian population experienced for over 70 years, through the creation of audiovisual artistic expressions made by the refugees themselves. The team, composed by young Italian volunteers, will provide the tools to help guests (refugees) create artistic material. Scheduled workshops will be held for specific photography, video making, creative and journalistic writing, interspersed with recreational activities. The purpose of the workshops is to offer the community an opportunity to create artistic content and/or work documenting the situation in which refugees have been living for four generations, and in which they currently live. The final products will be available on the interactive media platform (the blog), and it will be displayed in exhibitions held in different locations, between Italy, Lebanon and other refugee camps. This project is directed at children (10/14 yo) and youngsters (15/19 and 20/25 yo), and it will develop in a spirit of cooperation with the local artistic network(associations or single artists).


Credit to Claudia Mansell, Bourj Al Shemali Camp, Tyro (Libano) “Greening Bourj Al Shemali”


1° Phase: Meet-up

The first week is exclusively devoted to artistic and sports activities to facilitate empathy with participants.
These activities will be proposed again during the whole project, together with organized tours outside the camp.
In this period the volunteers will meet associations, families and all the young participants to come in contact with the reality of the camp.

2° Phase: Workshops

Photography, video making and journalistic writing workshops aim to provide the participants with the fundamentals of these disciplines to give them the possibility to express themselves.

3° Phase: Selection of material

This will be the editing phase for the projects realized by the participants.

4° Phase: Awareness campaign

We will organize:
• exhibitions in italian galleries
• exhibitions in Lebanon and in Burj al Shemali camp
• conferences in institutions, schools and universities

This project will be developed from our volunteer team, together with ULAIA and all the other associations that are taking part in the project. They will be taking care of every artistic, cultural aspect and logistic issue related to the organization of a series of exhibitions to be held between Italy and Lebanon. The team will evaluate all propositions on the basis of cost effectiveness and logistics.


Creative and journalistic writing

The writing courses will be address for three different age ranges: 10-14, 15-19 and 20-25 years old…

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Production of soap

Soap is a material produced and used for cleaning processes. In this laboratory soap will be…

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Production of clay

One of the things children like most is to mess up with mud and in this lab we will basically deal with…

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Photography and video shooting

The courses of photography and video-shooting are addressed to three age ranges: 10-14, 15-19 and…

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Production of paper

Paper is a material that is suitable to the creation of many products: such as notebooks, sheets, calendars…

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In this laboratory we will make a herbarium or a collection of (dry) plants that live close…

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Sports workshops have the goal of sensitise inside the camp the sport’s importance in daily life…

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Basics of biology

In this workshop we will mention notions of biology and the concepts that govern its study and…

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Seeds’ germination

Germination is a phase of the life cycle of a plant where the embryo contained in the seed…

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Partner Associations

ULAIA arte Sud onlus is an association that cares about the rights and the dignity of human beings. We have concentrated our energy on the Palestinians, one of the most long suffering and oppressed of people, who have been deprived  of their fundamental rights since the expropriation of their land by Israel. Our goal is to bring to public attention their culture, so that it is not forgotten and to provide information which the official sources omit or misrepresent.  In order to make the best use of our limited resources, we have restricted our voluntary work to Lebanon, where Palestinians make up 10% of the population. Some arrived in 1948 (The Nakba), some in 1967 (The 6 Day War) and others in 2011 (the war in Syria) while some were born in Lebanon. The Palestinians live in refugee camps, lack all fundamental civil, social and political rights and are helped by U.N.R.W.A and NGOs , both local and international.
It is with concrete projects aimed at children, young people and women that we display our solidarity, thanks to our supporters and volunteers.
In Lebanon, in the Palestinian refugee camps. In Italy, in schools, libraries and other educational institutes and


The “National Institution Social Care and Vocational Training” (Lic 135/AD). known as Beit Atfal Assumoud (BAS) is a humanitarian, non-sectarian and non-governmental organization, and it is not related to any political and religious groups. It was established on August 12th, 1976 after Tal Al Zaatar massacre to provide assistance and accommodation for the orphaned children who lost their parents during the massacre under the license no. 135/AD given on February 18th, 1980. Today, NISCVT is providing services for the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and other disadvantaged people with other nationalities living in the camps or close to them.


Al houlah

Al houlah (Lic. N. 99/AD) is a volunteer association that operates throughout Burj al Shemali, overseen by local representatives of the city of Tyro. It copes with a huge work in various sectors, for children, youngsters, women and elders. It has a library that contains books in various languages and it offers several free of charge services: books lending, use of computers, projection of films and drawing courses that repair the absence of artistic subjects in UNRWA school programs.

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