Invalid passport for my father’s burial

    It was 2:30 am when the phone in my home in Damscus-Syria rang, more than seven years ago.I woke up and raised the phone,my brother's voice came from the other side in Lebanon,tired and full of sadness:"My Dad has died".He said.     My husband and my sons woke up and knew what happened.I was seilent and [...]

Dropping out from school: why and how to prevent it.

In the last few years, the palestinian refugees educational’s level in Lebanon reached the lowest points. The percentage of children and teenagers who are dropped out from schools is increasing. As a result, the palestinian refugees are suffering from two main problems: lowerness of educational levels and droppness out from schools. What can these two problems lead[…]

Burj al Shemali girls wants to play football!

Playing football is an amazing exercice, especially for us, Palestinian teenagers. Being part of a team teach you how to play and cooperate with a group: you won’t never survive alone, by yourself. Playing against such a well-trained Lebanese team was an amazing experience. Imagine: it was a Palestinian-lebanese challenge in which we overcame all our differences[…]