Let us study!

Education is too important for all people. All children must be educated because it is one of the human’s basic rights.
For us, as Palestinian refugees, it is considered like a sword to face all the problems.
In these days, get education is very difficult because it needs a lot of money and a convenient places. Unfortunately these needs are not provided in our camp.

Here in Burj-Al-Chamali camp there are just three schools which are supported by UNRWA.
UNRWA is a relief and human developement agency for Palestinian refugees in the Near East. It supports these schools economically but because of the numerous political problems, UNRWA’s services have been retreated a lot lately.
The classes become more crowded (each class  contains approximately 40 students), making it hard to understand the lessons and even to hear the teacher while explaining.
Moreover, we don’t have here a secondary school, so we need to go out to the other camp(Al Rashedieh ) to continue learning. It is too much expensive for us because their is a transportation and the family can’t bear these costs because they have alot of children to take care of.
In addition, we have just two secondary schools in south Lebanon.

If we walk near the schools we notice the bad smell because of garbage which is stacked next to the school. It leads to damage the view around school and does not provide a good environment for the learning process.

The number of school dropouts has been increased.
UNRWA adopts the policy of integrating primary and intermediate schools with each other, and there is a consequent impact on children’s behavior and educational attainment. Also, UNRWA’S automated promotion policy of the primary and intermediate levels made matters worse. This policy states that there should be a specific percentage of students who should pass their classes.
This percentage ranges from 80% to 100%, the pass rate for the first, second and third class should be 100%, and that of grades 4,5,6,7,8,9 ranges between 80 to 95 %.

Education is in a dramatic and rapid decline, with the pass rate of intermediated education falling to its lowest level this year (2019), reaching about 28% in Palestine school in brevet official exam, a dangerous indicator.
Moreover, statistics show that last year (2018) the pass rate in official exams (Brevet) was 54%.
Although of these miserable conditions, students can excel in secondary schools, because they passed the intermediate level so they have good academic standing and some of them even occupy the top 10 on the south and get distinctive grades.

Fatima Al Ahmad, Safaa Al Issa, Nour Al Awad

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