Personal experience as UNRWA’s support teacher

Hi, I am Sara. I am an UNRWA’s teacher since 2014 and after one year I became a learning support teacher.
I usually enter to certain elementary class (grade 1 or 2) to help students with special needs especially those who have difficulties in reading and writing skills.

I follow 8 to 10 students among 40 students per class.
I focus on their handwritings and I help them to recognize letters, sounds, to join letters to make a word and read it.
In addition I give extra periods outside class for those students to support them with additional activities to cope with their classmates. These sessions include songs, videos, pictures and cards to simplify lessons and make it close to them. Also it includes worksheets in pairwork or group work , brainstorming , examples from our daily life ,matching
word to picture ,using clay to write a letter or word etc….
I am, as a learning support teacher, responsible for raising my student’s level of thinking to be active members, self- confidents to build their personalities as well….

I also share the summer learning activity every year which lasts 15 days.
This activity includes students of grades 5 and 6, also grades one and two, but I am interested in grades five and six.
The material is English book and booklet about psycho- social activities (games) to attract students and motivate them.
The book includes 10 lessons approximately each from our daily life like shopping center, Palestinian food,
friendship, library etc…
Each lesson focuses on these skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening.
Before we start our lessons we make a classroom agreement (done by students in groups) to make the atmosphere in class comfortable and active.

Finally, we make open day. This includes presentation for students` work during the activity, games, paintings about Palestinian food, flag …accompanied with candies ,juices and music. At the end we distribute gifts and take photos.
Sometimes if we have enough money we take students to journey (like restaurants or cinema) to enjoy the normal life as the majority of the children in the world do.

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