Burj al Shemali girls wants to play football!

Playing football is an amazing exercice, especially for us, Palestinian teenagers.
Being part of a team teach you how to play and cooperate with a group: you won’t never survive alone, by yourself.

Playing against such a well-trained Lebanese team was an amazing experience. Imagine: it was a Palestinian-lebanese challenge in which we overcame all our differences without caring about nationalities.

I was so optimistic and happy when we were playing, even if we lose.. about 17-0!
Every ball entering our net didn’t make us give up but it increased our motivation to try to make the same.
We were shocked by the strength of the other team, but we stayed always optimistic and we said that we could have done at least one goal. We, the Palestinian refugees, struggled against the strong Israel who took our homeland and killed our families and friends without giving up. We took this metaphor to encourage us to keep on struggling, aware of our adversary’s power.

During the game many people from the camp participated to the match.
You rarely see Burj al-Shemali’s girl playing football or any other kind of sport, so.. we really broke our camp’s rules!

I wish I’ll play again with this team even after our trainers will come back to their country.

Me and al-Houla are very thankful to ULAIA association and Gabriele and Paolo, our trainers, who made themselves available to build this good team. We thank as well Erica and Eleonora (volunteers, with Gabriele and Paolo, of ‘Sights Without Rights’ project) who joined our team.
Finally I thank every person who assisted us to reach this success and helped in building this amazing team.

Keep on following our challenges!

Abdullah Reem – 14 years old

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