It’s Never Too Late !

Who says we don’t exist? Who says we don’t have to gain our rights? Who has the right to put us in a cage? Who’s responsible?

We as refugees do have to live as all human being ,to receive the basic rights that all people have.
We as Palestinian do exist and deserve to be treated equally as everyone.
Even the birds have the right to fly and it’s never too late for us to get our rights, just like birds.

          We, as Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, live now our worst time because of suffering from multi-source and complicated health problems. Firstly due to the living conditions’ deterioration ,low wages ,high poverty and increasing deprivation in camps and among Palestinian refugees in general. Secondly because of unhealthy housing environment in camps.

         Recently UNRWA in Lebanon announced its health services’ cut. UNRWA, which is the biggest support for Palestinian refugees, faces many troubles concerning health funding. For instance, for the past 70 years UNRWA was covering approximately 90 % of the refugees’ health fees. Unfortunately now a days it can covers almost 20%.
To be specific , at Borj Al-Shemali camp, which is one of the biggest camps in Lebanon, there’s only one UNRWA clinic for thousand of Palestinian refugees and it works for 6 hours per day in week days only which means it is closed in vacation days even if there is urgent cases. It is the only clinic free of charges. Women delivery , cancer treatment ,kidney dialysis and a huge number of surgeries are not covered by any parties (of the Palestinian support) in Lebanon, such as UNRWA, red crescent and other health care institutions. Many Palestinian children died in front of hospitals. Three years old child

Mohammad Wehbi dead on the 18 of December 2018 and he is just one of thousands cases who died at hospitals entrance because the family had to pay before even entering. Yes hospitals refused Mohammad just because he could not pay before entering and the result was his death.

         Health situation is getting more and more worst especially according to humidity, since sun is not entering into the houses due to the large number of houses beside each others, which leads to a very dangerous lung disease like lung cancer, COPD, Asthma,… not only this, but also the Palestinian camps suffer from garbage problem which become more hazarded day after day and there is n clear solution regarding this issue till the day.

          For this, and before we get more worst conditions we have to start move and try to return our important rights because it is never too late to change!!!

Mariana Kallam, Duaa Kallam, Amani Al Ameen

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