Dropping out from school: why and how to prevent it.

In the last few years, the palestinian refugees educational’s level in Lebanon reached the lowest points.
The percentage of children and teenagers who are dropped out from schools is increasing. As a result, the palestinian refugees are suffering from two main problems: lowerness of educational levels and droppness out from schools. What can these two problems lead to?

To understand better this situation we’ve managed to make an interview with an UNRWA teacher about the causes, effects and solutions for this high rate of dropping out from school.

The causes of this hazardous problems are numerous. Firstly, these children are dropped out from school due to the low living circumstances. For this reason, children leave school in order to help their parents. Secondly, the children have been violated due to lowerness of the level of education.
Dropping children out from schools is borned by the unconsciousness of parents about the importance of education. In addition to the psychological, social and economical dilemmas.

These causes leads to many bad impacts on the children’s life and the community. First of all, it leads to lowerness of the percentage of the educational levels in the community. To illustrate, every year hundreds of palestinian refugees children leave their schools due to these causes. Moreover, these children are deprived from their childhood. To explain, they don’t play or even have fun with friends from their age.

As a result, every problem in our life have a solution, but we should work hard to find it. We can decrease the percentage of dropping out from schools by making awerness sessions for children’s parents about the importance of education on their lives and their children’s future. Also, schools should provide some children with intensive courses in reading and writing, so they will improve the levels of educations.

Ghina Al Mohammad, Reem Abdallah, Mohammad Salah, Samah Waleed

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