Creative and journalistic writing

The writing courses will be address for three different age ranges: 10-14, 15-19 and 20-25 years old. For each group various techniques and styles will be adopted, considering as much the skills and abilities of their own age as the inclinations and tastes of every single participant. In doing so it will avoid to force a certain type of work, and it will encourage to work on the passions and tendencies of the guys.

The main aim will be that of providing to participants the basic notions and the necessary tools to allow them to express their inner life, their thoughts, their sights, avoiding to get describe by an outsider a reality so complex like that of the refugees’ camps and of the same refugee.

Through a questionnaire submitted to the future participants, which is designed for a first comprehension of their attitudes, we will chose which will be the starting point time by time. Several subjects and themes will be proposed: the self (with all its emotions, thoughts and own characteristics), the surrounding world, the dreams, the fantasy, the refugees’ camp, the past, present and future etc. Various will also be the styles with which they will express.

For the first group we’ll start providing the basics to understand the operation of the creative process: as much for stories as for poems, short tales and comics.

Through different examples of writers, cartoonists, Arabic authors and foreigners, we’ll try to give them the inspiration so that they can discover some ways to express their self, their imaginary and others concepts in a clear and flowing way comprehensible to all readers.

About the second and the third group, the same techniques of the first will be proposed again, adding (where is possible) an introduction about journalism writing intended for the creation of a camp’s blog, where the same guys will be able to describe the surrounding reality. Everything will be accompany by a study about the structure and conditions (legal and social) of the camp and the refugees. This will allow to gain a greater awareness, by the legal and social point of view, of its own status and of the possibilities for each person, and will give a way, for those who want, to play an active role themselves in teaching and keeping the outside world update on the reality that they live. This will help to better convey the informations and initiatives inside the camp and to simplify cultural relations and interactions between the camp’s inhabitants.

In every possible manner the cooperation between all the participants of all the courses will be sought, so that an exchange between different skills and competences takes place and so that mind and body will be stimulated as much as possible.


Student of languages, cultures and societies of the Middle East in Venice
Student of languages, cultures and societies of the Middle East