Recreational Workshops

Basics of Biology

In this workshop we will mention notions of biology and the concepts that govern its study and research. For example, biology recognizes the cell as the basic unit of life. In the laboratory it will be possible to observe the cells (of plant tissues) and examples of stagnant water, of a puddle that we will see to be full of life.

Production of Clay

One of the things children like most is to mess up with mud and in this lab we will basically deal with mud. Mud is a very common material especially near rivers, in alluvial areas. It was also very abundant in ancient Mesopotamia, which as the name implies was a region that lay between two rivers. This material was used as a writing support. In this workshop we will make clay tablets on which we’ll engrave more or less as the ancient Sumerians and other fertile half-moon incidents did. This is a laboratory that will literally touch a technique that was used 5,000 years ago to write.

Production of Soap

Soap is a material produced and used for cleaning processes. In this laboratory soap will be produced explaining briefly the chemical reaction that takes place to obtain it. Moreover we will discover where the soap comes from and therefore its history.

Production of Paper

Paper is a material that is suitable to the creation of many products: such as notebooks, sheets, calendars, books and packages. Paper is widely used in offices and schools to write, to print documents and to photocopy. At home, paper is used for cleaning, drying and many other purposes. Paper is one of the most versatile and widespread products of modern societies. In this workshop the history of paper will be mentioned, the paper will be produced and the topic of raw materials’ recycling will be discussed.


In this laboratory we will make a herbarium or a collection of (dry) plants that live close to us. So we’ll go looking for plants in the open air.

Seeds’ germination

Germination is a phase of the life cycle of a plant where the embryo contained in the seed begins to exit from a phase of rest. In the laboratory we will observe the germination and we will understand what are the appropriate environmental conditions to transform the seed into a plant.


Student of Biotechnology in Rome
Student of linguistic mediation in Macerata